Human Massage

Suzanne Crockford is a qualified sports massage and Swedish massage therapist. She practices from her treatment room in Bramley, North Hampshire, which is easily accessible from Reading, Basingstoke, Tadley, Hook and their outlying villages.

Whatever your chosen activity, sports massage is a great way of maintaining your muscles at their optimum performance levels and decreasing your risk of injury. It is beneficial in a number scenarios:

Pre sport/competition – Massage immediately before strenuous exercise can supplement your warm up routine by warming the muscles and preparing them for work.  It also relieves unwanted muscle and mental tension and can be tailored to the individuals needs to be either relaxing or invigorating.

Crockford_Massage_Therapy - web-92Post sport/competition – Massage after strenuous exercise can relax the muscles, relieve tension, aid waste removal, and bring fresh oxygen and nutrients, all of which restore normal muscle function. It also aids muscle lengthening and increases range of movement and flexibility, allowing you to quickly return to training or competition whilst reducing the risk of injury.

Rehabilitation – Massage following injury (whether it be muscle cramp, bruising, a twisted ankle, a pulled hamstring or even just general aches and pains) can accelerate healing and reduce discomfort whilst maintaining flexibility during the healing process.Crockford_Massage_Therapy - web-81

Regular maintenance – Massage can address any niggles, relieve tension and increase range of movement.  Over use/over extension can cause minor soft tissue lesions, which massage can break down quickly and effectively.

Occupational treatment – Sports massage can benefit anyone participating in physical activity including people working in physically demanding jobs where occupational, emotional and postural stresses are placed on the body, causing minor muscle injuries, tension and pain.

On your first visit I will take a full medical and lifestyle history, and assess your posture and range of movement, at this point we will also discuss any particular niggles or injuries you have.  It’s a good idea to bring a pair of shorts and a light t-shirt with you as this will allow me to perform various movements.

Unlike Swedish massage, sports massage is a deeper and more vigorous, and designed to target specific problem areas.  Following your massage aftercare advice will be given including specific stretches if necessary.  Follow up appointments will be tailored to your individual needs.Crockford_Massage_Therapy - web-94

Crockford_Massage_Therapy - web-77 A relaxing and calming, gentle massage to melt away the stresses and strains of every day life. Swedish massage not only relaxes your body physically but it also benefits your mental and physiological wellbeing.

Crockford_Massage_Therapy - web-49On your first visit I will take a full medical and lifestyle history, this will be followed by a full or half body massage.  Either a scented oil or  hypoallergenic massage lotion will be selected according to your preference. These quality products are used to ensure free movement of massage techniques as well as providing nourishment for the skin.  Massage can be adapted to your preference including or excluding specific parts of your body.  Following your massage you will be given after care advice.

A whole body or half body massage is performed in a relaxing environment using a variety of techniques, depth of pressure is adapted to meet your individual needs to relieve tension and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

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Swedish Massage

Full body (1 hour) £45

Half body (30 minutes) £35

Sports Massage

90 mins – First consultation and Sports massage £55

45 mins – £45

30 minutes £35

If you pay in advance for 5 or more sessions a 10% discount will be applied.

Please note that cancellation of an appointment with less than 48 hours notice will incur a 50% charge, within 24 hours 100%.

Gift vouchers are available – please contact me for details.

Prior to your first Swedish or sports massage, please allow an extra 15 minutes for your appointment as a full and detailed medical history will be taken.